3D crystal laser engraving

The bright interplay of light and crystal glass preserves timeless moments. Captured in third dimension images and close to the touch. Crystal glass has a high quality, feels weighty in one’s hand and is a fascinating material even without laser engraving.

Glass has been produced already in ancient Egypt some 5000 years ago. However, it took thousands of years to obtain glass with such purity. Transparent, strongly refractive and with perfect surface polish, embedded in a high-quality cushioned box – this is glass at its best finally deserving the name ‘crystal glass’.

Exposing this antique and yet modern material to laser light provides us with outstanding capabilities. It seems like magic when you add subsurface engraving to the crystal glass. Quite noiselessly with only a tiny spark in the glass we are able to create a unique laser crystal from a piece of crystal glass using the beam of the laser. Like this we create a custom 3D laser image or also a 3D laser photograph.

Our engraving equipment is considered the best in class high resolution subsurface crystal laser engraving system. With the subsurface laser engraving method the surface remains untouched. The desired marking is carried out inside the material, under the surface. This method fascinates its recipients as everyone wonders how we can get the image and text inside the crystal, also it leaves the surface smooth and clear for easy cleaning.